Tourist tax declaration and payment system


Declaration of overnight stays booked on the Airbnb platform

From 1st of October 2020 the overnight stays booked using the Airbnb platform should be declared online. Please enter the number of overnight stays in the newly created declaration box "Airbnb", which is located next to the declaration box of the tax concession. We remind you that Vilnius City...

Tax innovations for landlords via Airbnb: city tax administration became easier

Tax innovations for landlords via Airbnb : city tax administration became easier Procedure for collecting tourist due for landlords via Airbnb has changed Vilnius became first Eastern European city signed an agreement with Airbnb to collect a pillow tax The Municipality of...

The tourist tax will open new opportunities for Vilnius

Today, Vilnius City Council started considering the so-called tourist fee. It is estimated that with the introduction of this toll, the capital's budget should increase by about 2 million per year from 2019. The funds raised would be used to increase the city's international competitiveness and...

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